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Le Tour de Faith

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Have you ever felt a little unclear as to what you, as a Christian, believe? This back-to-basics series is a must have for everyone who longs to better understand Christianity and know what the foundation of our faith really is. Pastor Bill breaks down the Apostle's Creed and the Baptist Faith and Message to help us get clarity. He answers some intersting questions like, "Did Jesus really go to hell?", "What did He do there?', and "Why do I believe in the 'holy catholic church' if I'm not Catholic?" This series is an eye-opener and an awesome tool for even the most seasoned believer.

  • Part One - Apostles Creed (Part 1)
  • Part Two - Apostles Creed (Part 2)
  • Part Three - Apostles Creed (Part 3)
  • Part Four - Apostles Creed (Part 4)
  • Part Five - Baptist Faith & Message

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