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Posted on April 13, 2011 - by admin


After listening to several different people sharing their life journey with me this week, some older, some in their thirties, & one in college, it occurred to me that all of them made crucial life defining choices many times over at several stages of their lives. In each life they would come to a “crossroad” at some point, either in relationships, work habits, educational goals, deciding priorities, financial matters, health & lifestyle, and in their spiritual pursuits. At times they made the easy choice. While convienent at that moment, they all had regrets afterwards. The one thing that kept surfacing was that when they made the “hard” choice, the path of discipline or standing alone, or relentlessly devoting themselves to a worthy goal, they had no regrets. I conclude that it was in the “crossroad moments” that their character was weakened or strengthened. It was in that stage that they gripped the steering wheel of their life, kept their foot on the gas pedal and set out to reach their destination or they looked for an exit, gradually slowed up and pulled over with their life. One man told me of when he wouldn’t speak up about his faith at work, with friends or in public. In time he wouldn’t speak up about anything else he should have. When his wife of 20 years left him, her shocking words were, “Your not a man. I felt unprotected in our marriage, I have no respect for you”. Looking back he says, “I caved in to peer pressure early on…I paid for it too”. The young college boy described how he set and lived his values on a college campus and for 3 years it was lonely. Now he’s a respected leader by his peers because they saw his example. All of us come to a crossroad many times in our lives. What we choose, the price we’re willing to pay, the resolve we are devoted to live out brings the life of no regrets. We don’t know the names of the many who walked away from Jesus. We know the names of those who were steadfast. Peter, James, John… If you’re at the crossroad today take hope. It’s an opportunity. Sure it will cost you something, but focus your eyes on the prize. Speak up when you should, stand up when you should, do good when you should, take risk when opportunity comes, love deeply while you can, give generously when you have it, encourage because it’s a gift others need at times, & look for the crossroads in every decision and in life. It’s in that crossroad moment that God gives you a chance to steer toward your highest potential.

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