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Posted on September 3, 2010 - by admin

The Benefits of Balance

We hear the word alot. “Balance” statements, sheets, balance bars, balanced meals,there’s even “balance” shoes, and on and on. You get the picture. Have you ever asked yourself what a balanced life looks like? Balance holds the secret to both advancement and contentment. Sometimes those two don’t travel together. I want to challenge you to take the time to write out what a balanced life for you would look like. Create a “pie” drawing for your life and list your priorities around the circle. You know, family time, finances, health, work, personal time & spiritual growth. Now evaluate how much time you spend in each area. Off the circle or under it, get specific about each area and write out what you need to do to get a “win” in each one. Making the goal of your life balanced will give you tremendous benefits. You see the secret to your success is not being a giant in one area and a midget in the rest. We’ve all seen that one. We’ve seen the financial king fail at marriage or parenting. Or the Spiritual saint mismanage their health or money. When a person has an unbalanced life, their level of stress is high. The secret to real success is in growing consistently and in increments in every area. You don’t have to go “over the top” in one area to the neglect of the rest. Give each area of your life consistent incremental attention. As they all rise together, balance occurs and when your life is in balance there’s harmony, achievement and contentment. “Sneak up on it” is a term one of my friends says. You’ll look around one day and glad you did. A balanced life has real benefits. Give it a try.

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