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Posted on May 20, 2010 - by admin

Too Transparent

We hear the word “transparent” used a lot these days. In conversation with close friends last evening, it was brought to my attention that “being transparent” has not been my problem, yet it has been my problem. Let me explain. Being forthright and saying what I thought was necessary has never been difficult for me. Receiving the same is welcomed also. However, as I have grown in years and in faith, I realize now that my greatest strength was always my greatest weakness. Several years ago after a life changing experience in finances, relationships, & ministry, I spent several weeks fasting and praying for answers. Through that experience many things changed in me. For the better I might add. I discovered that Jesus refused to “disclose everything to people because he knew what was in their hearts”. I saw that discernment, knowing what to comment on, who to reveal personal things and private matters with was to be done with thought and wisdom. You see, my problem was not that I didn’t “open up”. My problem was that I was open to everyone about everything without exercising restraint. I created most of the “problems” with people. I freely gave them access to my personal life in ways that was foolish. Today it’s different and what a difference my life has taken on because of it. My relationships with a handful of others is at a level of depth that I never knew existed. My relationships with crowds and friends are in their proper place now. My personal life is full of enjoyment and peace. So here’s my takeaway from this; For some people transparency is a struggle and they should be more open. For others, it’s so natural that it should be guarded with wisdom because it provides fuel and fertilizer for deceitful people. May God give you wisdom to discern the level of and span of your transparency.

Posted on May 8, 2010 - by admin

Happy Mothers Day Debbie

Almost 30 years ago Debbie and I stood at an alter making vows and having dreams like the usual 2 people in love. Little did I know at the time what an awesome gift God was bringing me in her. I’ve never had a dream she didn’t support. She’s my best friend in my life. Always there, always wise & always truthful, regardless. If I wanted to learn about finances or investments, she’d master the subject herself. If I wanted to learn theology, she’d read the scholars too. We’ve never had separate lives, if we did, I’d be way back where she first found me. I still remember the day, after 3 years of marriage, that she met me for lunch wearing a wide, over sized red blouse. She dropped every hint that she was pregnant. Ordering pickles and ice cream, talking about cribs, pointing out the babies at tables around us. I kept eating. I did think the blouse would fit better on a larger woman, but I wasn’t touching that one. “It’s a maternity blouse Bill” she finally blurted out. “Well why are you wearing that?” I asked. She STILL had to tell me. (We teach marriage seminars because we have real life experience). I’ll never forget the birth of B.J. either. Her high tolerance for pain made the contractions seem weak, so we waited until we almost had B.J. in the hospital parking lot. Because we were so late, she missed the epidural and I got a few looks that would make Mike Tyson tremble. Pain turned to joy when he came into this world and it hasn’t stopped yet. Two more times she’d bring me more sons and my life is better because of it. She loved and still loves being a mother. Our kids have done so well in life and in their faith and she and God get the credit for it. God gave her an amazing heart for her sons. Every son will tell you today that they never once in their entire life got up in the morning without seeing her with her coffee and her Bible in hand. She prayed every single day for us. She prayed for their spouses before they could even walk. She always said, “the wrong influence can steal their potential” so she covered them with prayer from the start. God answered those prayers too. Our daughter in laws are like daughters to us. She always relied on faith. Not positive thinking, not “oh it will work out”, not a belief that she was strong willed and could make things happen, but faith, real faith. She’d wait as long as it took to hear God and refused to act until then. But oh once she heard clearly, a thousand horses couldn’t pull her away from what she knew He had told her. I am thankful to God today for answering my prayer many years ago to send me His choice as a wife. My life is rich because of her. Our children are thankful, but because it’s so natural for them to know her love, I don’t think they even fully comprehend how unique their mother is. Thank you Debbie…for a million things…thank you. Happy Mothers Day!

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