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Posted on January 20, 2010 - by admin

Life Lessons

My children would occasionally ask when I sat them down, “is this a life lesson”?  I think they dreaded “life lessons”. Most of us do. Yet somehow, the older we get the more we’ve learned from our life experiences. Soren Kierkegaard, that 19th century philosopher, who looked like Conan O’brien with his 6 inch hair said, “We live life going forward but we understand it looking backward”. True. Have you ever said, “If I knew then, what I know now…” however if we hadn’t had the experience then, we wouldn’t know what we know now, so that’s moot. Here’s a few “Life Lessons” I think I’ve learned through the years.

1. Life is a Gift from God, enjoy it, experience it, & embrace the days with wonder.

2. Love is too big to keep for yourself, share it.

3. Choose carefully with whom & where you spend your time, energy, & skills.

4. Learn from the past but don’t live in it. 

5. Life is too short to waste it & too long if you do.

6. Be Thankful. For the good & bad, the friends & enemies, the successes & failures.

7. Remember God. Our connection to our Creator is the connection that keeps us “alive”

Posted on January 1, 2010 - by admin

Coach Bobby Bowden

Less than a minute ago I watched Coach Bobby Bowden conclude his football coaching career at Florida State University. 389 career wins says it all. In his final game against West Virginia, where he once coached, he walked off the field a winner again, like he is. Seeing Deon Sanders and over 300 other former players stand beside him in his final game was respectful, something the man deserved. FSU Team Chaplain Clint Purvis first introduced me to Coach Bowden years ago. Coach Bowden’s desire for his players to have a spiritual influence was proven by bringing Clint alongside him for that role. Clint did it well too. Over the years, I received autographed gifts like all of his books, a football, photos and other items at special occasions. Coach Bowden has spoken at our church and he personally led my friend Colonel Mitchell to Christ only days before his death. When I conducted the funeral for Clint’s mother, he was with Clint on the second row in support of his friend. FSU should have followed the lead of Penn State with Coach Paterno and kept him “dadgummit”. Honor and well earned respect is forsaken too quickly these days. Still, he went out with class today and I pray he enjoys good health and the life with his family and friends. He deserves it.

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