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Posted on November 27, 2009 - by admin

The Source of My Life

Becoming a Christian on April 28, 1974 radically changed my life. I totally get the “born again” concept. Prior to that I was an aimless, empty person with no thoughts of God. None. At 18 years of age, Jesus Christ accepted me and turned my life around. I didn’t have to advertise it, everyone who knew me did that for me. I was “saved” in the streets, so there was no denomination, no outside influence, I just had a Scoffield Reference Bible given to me and I began to read it slowly & carefully all day, every day. I couldn’t get enough. I literally read the Bible completely through several times the first year. After several years of no one but God in my life, God brought real scholars into my life that I would never have met own my own. I’m not, nor have ever been a “networker”, so God brought them as I needed.  Some are still alive  and in my life presently. In those days my prayer life for many years was exactly as the Bible taught when Jesus said, “when you pray, enter into your closet and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly”. I threw a pillow in a closet and would pray for hours inside with the door shut every day for years. Jesus and He alone has been my source from the start. That has been the secret of victory for me. I’ve been blessed beyond what anyone one person should have. The High School Home-coming queen became my wife, my sons are blessed beyond our wildest dreams and prayers, the favor of God has been upon us not just daily, but it seems like hourly and we don’t share the half because many cannot understand or comprehend. Through it all I’ve discovered that Jesus Christ is  real, personal, and everything He claimed to be. I’ve never played the ministerial, political game. I’ve never “Loved” preaching, I love Jesus. I don’t love my position, my things, the accomplishments, the crowds, or the other outside things that can become traps. I have so much that I am blessed with, but I know that the blesser is the one who brings my fulfillment. My hope is that you will discover Him. He IS the source of real life. What He has done for me, He wants to do for all of us. He can provide, guide, encourage and be the strength of your life. It would be a shame to have a life that has racked up the years and never found the true source of life. Try Him. You’ll be glad you did.

Posted on November 21, 2009 - by admin

My Mothers Last Words to Me

As a pastor I’ve heard the “last words” of many, but my own mothers last words to me are treasured. The week between the death of Princess Dianna of Wales (August 31, 1997), and the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (September 5, 1997) my mother died of cancer. While my sister Sonja and I witnessed the exact “moment” she left this world, my mothers last words to me came in a hand-written letter 11 months earlier. Oddly at that time ,she didn’t even know she had cancer and she expected to live a long life. When she handed me the letter she said, “Bill, I hope you never have to read this. But take this in case you ever need it”. She said she felt strongly impressed to write it in the event of her death in the far future, in case I needed the information inside. She said she’d prayed over this for several weeks feeling God divinely directed her to write this for me. She said, oneday I may need real answers about our home, my childhood, things I suspected and couldn’t understand, and other matters. I took her letter, put it away, and never suspected she’d be dead within a year. Today I know she really was divinely directed. 10 years passed before I opened that letter. One day in 2007, I was in a place in my life with serious questions. I sat quietly in my study, opened her letter and noticed it was 13 hand-written pages. I carefully read each word. Like peeling layers of an onion, each page brought both tears and relief. For the first time in my life, things made perfect sense. I gained  understanding and found freedom I didn’t know existed. I never acknowledged before that day how deep I’d buried hurts and things affecting my early life. I’ve always picked up, moved on, and mastered the art of leaving the past in the past. My strength is to “never look back”. It’s a survival instinct. I won’t reveal the contents of her letter because its personal, but I will tell you that if her intent was to set me free, it worked. Today I see people in need of the healing that a parent could provide and I only wish for them a “letter” like I recieved. It was the greatest gift she ever gave me. So here’s my advice. If you have a chance to pass on a blessing to someone you love, a healing to bring, an understanding that opens up their life for a better future, do it. Write it out and put it in their hands. Its worth the time it takes to do this. Especially for them.

Posted on November 15, 2009 - by admin

It’s a Girl!!

Emme with Big Daddy and MimiPrincess EmmeEmme and Mimi
“It’s a Girl!”

Those are words that I’ve never heard in a delivery room referring to a Purvis child.  We have boys.  Can’t help it.  Don’t regret it.  It’s just that way.  I identify well with those Bible characters who had boy after boy.

Last Wednesday all of that changed.  My middle son Brent and his wife Carrie placed in my arms a little new born girl named Emme Reese Purvis.  I had no words except, “Wow.”  I have many nieces all of whom we see at Christmas, Thanksgivings and throughout the year, that I love and they love their “Uncle Bill”.  Maybe God was preparing us for this with them. 

Emme is beautiful, with a head full of thick black hair, sleeping in my arms and squeezing my finger with her tiny hand the whole time.  I’m blessed. 


Debbie and I have been living the “Dream Life” for the past few years.  So many big blessings and favors from God have come to us so often that our daily prayer life these days is more of thanks than request.    

Now we have 2 grandchildren, Prince Beau (6 mo.) and Princess Emme.  If having a thankful heart pleases God, then we’re there for sure.  God has been good to us.


More pictures of Emme can be viewed at



Posted on November 8, 2009 - by admin

No One Gets to Determine YOUR Destiny

I’ve seen it lately and it’s encouraging. People that others had written off, discarded, had no faith in, and profiled as limited in their potential. You know them. Somewhere in life they made mistakes or were labeled as “less than” and they actually believed they were. They expected to lose, to be last, to be near the bottom and thats where they were for awhile. Then something happened. God Himself took a personal interest in their life journey and provided miracle after miracle in their behalf. Today they are far from where they once were. My wife and I recently had that conversation about 4 or 5 people we knew personally who have lived these things out. I don’t use the word “amazing” often. I find it overused for things that don’t “amaze” me, but in these people, “amazing” is the proper description. What it tells me is the No One Gets to Determine YOUR Destiny! No ONE! God has a destiny for each of us and the only one who can destroy it is ourself. We can do stupid things and never learn from them, or live under the belief that a one time failure makes us unable to recover, or we can humble ourselves under the hand of God and HE can exalt to our destiny. No One Gets to Determine YOUR Destiny! It is God who sets up one and takes down another. Promotion doesn’t come from the east nor the west but from the LORD. In each case of those others had written off, I rejoice in their deliverance and promotion. It reminds me of a God of Love and gives Hope that we are still able to reach our destiny. There’s a song with the lyrics, “Oh no He never let go, through the calm and through the storm, Oh no He never let go of me”. That’s what my friends are singing today. I’m thankful too.

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