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Family Photos

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Social networks are “in”. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter & others connect us in a beneficial way or consume time & life. Intextication is a term for those who facebook or twitter while driving or at work or when they could be talking “live” to family or friends. Rehabs for texting are a future profession. Like anything, balance is essential. The greater advancements in technology the busier we become. I began “twitter” after I preached against it. Someone challenged me to try it. I’ve since repented for my overkill. I’m still learning the basics of following people, re-tweeting, and other 101 things about it. Actually, I forget to do it so much that someone texts me almost every day and says “Tweet” right now, so I meet their need. In spite of the ways to communicate to others, I am more interested in things that I need communicated to me. I have to hear the voice of my creator daily or I feel really out of sync. I have to hear the voice of my wife of almost 30 years every day and the voices of my children daily, though 2 of them live a distance from me. Last month I spent 2 days in a mountain cabin intentionally designed with no sign of life around. No phone service, no t.v., no internet, just the sounds of leaves falling, squirrels & birds and my loud movement on wooden floors, decks, & with kitchen cabinets. It was very good for the soul. I think I heard more in my spirit, dreamed more in my heart, and smiled more at the promises I knew were meant for me from God than I had ever seen before. God is good. On my way home as I stopped off at a mall & noticed the busyness of lives doing trivial things, heard conversations of noise and even met 3 total strangers and had lunch. One of them was motivated by hate. He looked older than his years. One had no direction in life and had given up. One was successful in material things but kept asking me about contentment and where I get mine from. Their phones kept going off, Mr. “motivated by hate” had energy and kept texting while talking. The rich man followed me to the parking lot and we exchanged contact numbers. I missed the quietness of where I’d been by now. I evaluated everything on my trip home now. I decided that I’d “tweet” to connect to people who need that. I know some “Preach on Twitter”, some talk about their lunch or dinner, some “vent” and all of those are o.k. Social networks are healthy I think for many people. I would recommend some quiet places for introspection from time to time. Sometimes you can hear the whispers of your Creator better that way. Just got a call, they want me to “tweet” something 4 the day @Bill_Purvis twitter.

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Apology Accepted

He drove a distance up to Georgia to see me face to face. He was broken. Much more than the last time we’d met. His attitude was humble, he selected his words carefully, and he was relieved to rid himself of the weight he’d carried for over 10 years. We’d been friends and for almost 10 years our fellowship had been broken fellowship. I always loved him, always wished him success and honest to God, not once did I ever desire anything but the best for him. I learned long ago that behind the curtains of stuff like this is the evil one. He wept, he reminded me of many of the laughs we’d had in times past. We laughed again now. When leaving he said, “I’ve rid myself of bitterness, opened heaven in my life and done what I should have done a long time ago”. I pray that God will bless him beyond myself, seriously. You see, I remember one time driving all the way to Mississippi one night to apologize to someone that I needed to make things right with. At that time, I had not yet met the wife I’d marry, had the anointing I enjoy, found the favor of God or His peace that I live with today. Looking back, I’m sure that if I’d not made that drive that night, none of these blessings in my life would have ever happened either. Thankfully the person I apologized to, accepted mine that night also. I remember how I felt driving home that night. I floated in praise to God for the release He’d given me. I watched my friend depart this way when he left my office and I’m certain his trip home was better than his trip up here. 10 years is a long time for someone to live with that junk. 10 minutes is too long if you want to please God. Don’t let the devil steal your future. God has grace and blessings waiting to be delivered to us when we aren’t too proud to humble ourselves and do what we know is right.

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