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Posted on April 25, 2009 - by admin

I was talking to Bill Purvis the other day…

I met him when he contacted me after his wife saw our broadcast. He’s a Christian, has lived in San Diego, CA and now lives up North with a great family. He sent me a photo of his family and I thought they looked sharp and happy, and I’ve already discovered he has a good sense of humor. We’ve exchanged a few emails. Made me think about how wise God was to put in His word, “Whosoever” will call on the name of the LORD shall be saved. What if He’d put my name, “If Bill Purvis will call….” then Bill and I would be wondering which one? So God has covered ALL the bases, hasn’t He? If you haven’t called on Him yet, He’s waiting. Oh and for my new friend Bill? I’m forwarding any negative emails to him…God HAS covered all the bases huh?

Posted on April 16, 2009 - by admin

Go West Young Man, Go West!

That’s what my oldest son B.J., and wife Loryn are preparing to do next month. They’re moving. B.J. loves the coast of California. When he graduated from Auburn, I thought he was gone then. When he and Loryn were married, I just knew he was packing for CA after the honeymoon. I always knew it was coming. Every time I’d tell people to “follow their dreams” he’d smile at me. For three years, I was able to “stall” him as he worked with our youth, and I have to say, he and Loryn did an outstanding job with our senior high youth. They brought an example of authenticity and integrity to the students. But B.J. is quick to say that he’s not “called” to ministry and if he were, he’d go to a seminary for Biblical training. When people called him a youth pastor, he’d correct them with “I’m a youth DIRECTOR, I just direct them”. I appreciate that about him. He’s never been pretentious and his integrity is in tack. So he goes west with our blessing. The surf is calling. Debbie and I have lived our life and we’ve urged our children to live “their own life”, also. They deserve that. All of our children are on track to do much better than Debbie and I ever did in life, of that I am sure. They’re further at their ages than we were, and are all very passionate to grow and be their best, so no worries there. They move in the middle of May. Go West Young Man, Go West, with our blessing!

Posted on April 4, 2009 - by admin

Another GRANDchild on the way!

Debbie & I received word this week that Brent & Carrie (our middle son & wife) are also expecting a baby. This means 2 grandchildren by Christmas! It seems that everyday, God gives us something awesome to be thankful for! They’ll be terrific parents, we know, and we’re humbled and thankful for how they have turned out and the blessing they are to us. We’re also making serious plans to spoil…err “Bless” the new additions to our family! Congratulations Brent & Carrie!

Posted on April 2, 2009 - by admin

Over 60 people were saved last weekend

We humbly thank God for the great response to the Gospel in last weekends services! I sincerely thank all of you who bring your friends, share your faith and pray as you do. The hand of God is so evident in this season of harvest. Praise Him!

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