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Posted on June 17, 2011 - by admin

Fathers Day

Several years ago I spoke on the subject, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Perfect Dad” for Fathers Day. I’ve never had such a response to any message before, ever. Over 500 e-mails flooded my box in the week following. In the message I mentioned that not everyone knew had the joy of great memories with a father and how to overcome and rise to a great life in spite of this. Each e-mail I received told both a personal story, the scars or memories, and the way they coped with it. Some were doing very well, some were still limping. A few of those responses told of healthy, growing relationships they enjoyed with a father and how blessed they felt when they observed other homes around them. It occurred to me afterwards of how people deal with pain. Most girls talk about it, most boys bury it. The danger in suppressing it doesn’t make it disappear, it usually surfaces in other ways. One man, ironically was a psychologist and he confessed that the relationship he never had with his father, surfaced in the breaking of two of his marriages. Several said the dysfunctional home they grew up in made them devote their life to being a great parent themselves. I remember once a friend of mine, very intelligent, balanced home, a college president, Ph.D, with 5 incredible, successful children introducing me to his brother. His brother was messed up. Extremely negative, critical, couldn’t keep a job, couldn’t keep a home, had bad credit and blamed the world for everything. I’d never seen such polar opposite brothers. My friend said, “He’s just like my father was. Same attitude, same spirit. I chose to be the total opposite”. Obviously it worked. What I took away from that was that my attitude, my responses, my direction in life is a choice. Our sons were small then, but I decided that being a father could be the most rewarding experience of my life and it has. To you Fathers who are making a positive difference in your childrens lives, I commend you. The pay off of that investment will be the most satisfying of all. Having a good father in the home is like having Michael Jordan on your basketball team, the chances of winning are greatly increased. Happy Fathers Day!

Posted on May 8, 2010 - by admin

Happy Mothers Day Debbie

Almost 30 years ago Debbie and I stood at an alter making vows and having dreams like the usual 2 people in love. Little did I know at the time what an awesome gift God was bringing me in her. I’ve never had a dream she didn’t support. She’s my best friend in my life. Always there, always wise & always truthful, regardless. If I wanted to learn about finances or investments, she’d master the subject herself. If I wanted to learn theology, she’d read the scholars too. We’ve never had separate lives, if we did, I’d be way back where she first found me. I still remember the day, after 3 years of marriage, that she met me for lunch wearing a wide, over sized red blouse. She dropped every hint that she was pregnant. Ordering pickles and ice cream, talking about cribs, pointing out the babies at tables around us. I kept eating. I did think the blouse would fit better on a larger woman, but I wasn’t touching that one. “It’s a maternity blouse Bill” she finally blurted out. “Well why are you wearing that?” I asked. She STILL had to tell me. (We teach marriage seminars because we have real life experience). I’ll never forget the birth of B.J. either. Her high tolerance for pain made the contractions seem weak, so we waited until we almost had B.J. in the hospital parking lot. Because we were so late, she missed the epidural and I got a few looks that would make Mike Tyson tremble. Pain turned to joy when he came into this world and it hasn’t stopped yet. Two more times she’d bring me more sons and my life is better because of it. She loved and still loves being a mother. Our kids have done so well in life and in their faith and she and God get the credit for it. God gave her an amazing heart for her sons. Every son will tell you today that they never once in their entire life got up in the morning without seeing her with her coffee and her Bible in hand. She prayed every single day for us. She prayed for their spouses before they could even walk. She always said, “the wrong influence can steal their potential” so she covered them with prayer from the start. God answered those prayers too. Our daughter in laws are like daughters to us. She always relied on faith. Not positive thinking, not “oh it will work out”, not a belief that she was strong willed and could make things happen, but faith, real faith. She’d wait as long as it took to hear God and refused to act until then. But oh once she heard clearly, a thousand horses couldn’t pull her away from what she knew He had told her. I am thankful to God today for answering my prayer many years ago to send me His choice as a wife. My life is rich because of her. Our children are thankful, but because it’s so natural for them to know her love, I don’t think they even fully comprehend how unique their mother is. Thank you Debbie…for a million things…thank you. Happy Mothers Day!

Posted on October 30, 2009 - by admin

Family Photos

Posted on July 8, 2009 - by admin

“7 People every Couple Needs in their Life”

This is the title of this weeks message. Looking back over 29 years of marriage, Debbie and I listed 7 types of people who added value to our marriage and how important it is that growing couples identify and include these types in certain phases of their marriage journey. Sometimes we allow the wrong people in our lives or we allow people who add no value. It’s important to be intentional, specific, & have a clear plan to build a great marriage. This message is designed to be a guide in that process.

Posted on May 30, 2009 - by admin

Beau Hudson Purvis

Debbie and I would like to introduce you to our first grandchild Beau Hudson Purvis.
beau1 beau2


Posted on May 12, 2009 - by admin

B.J.’s life trip

Debbie and I just returned from seeing B.J. (our oldest son) pull away in a Budget truck loaded with all of his belongings to his new home in California. It’s a 3 or 4 day trip, depending on how fast that truck can go on the downhills. We smiled, we wiped back tears, we laughed and we sat quietly on our couch for a half an hour in silence. We love our kids. We were “family focused” before James Dobson was. Our kids and family are our inner circle. His best friend Clint Hudson and he are driving that trip. Loryn, his wife will fly out to meet them. I thought about Clint and B.J.’s trip, for Clint it’s a road trip, for B.J. it’s a life trip. He’s always had  goals, prayed about and mapped out a direction and acted on his dreams. Today was no different.  We love that boy and respect the way he has chosen to live his life and his dreams.

Posted on April 4, 2009 - by admin

Another GRANDchild on the way!

Debbie & I received word this week that Brent & Carrie (our middle son & wife) are also expecting a baby. This means 2 grandchildren by Christmas! It seems that everyday, God gives us something awesome to be thankful for! They’ll be terrific parents, we know, and we’re humbled and thankful for how they have turned out and the blessing they are to us. We’re also making serious plans to spoil…err “Bless” the new additions to our family! Congratulations Brent & Carrie!

Posted on March 26, 2009 - by admin

Happy Birthday Debbie!

I and my bride are away today celebrating her birthday. I’m not telling her age because my couch is not that comfortable, but I can say she doesn’t look old enough to have 3 married sons and a first grandchild arriving in May. I’m thankful every day of my life for the gift God gave me in her. I deeply respect her Christian behavior, a consistent control of her spirit and tongue, and the wisdom she has that is beyond her years. She models a class that I still find attractive. John Maxwell once said, “Bill has 5,000 in him and Debbie has 10,000 in her”. I think she’s more than twice as good as me, but at least together we have 15,000, so that’s cool. I plan to provide her a great birthday experience today, I love that girl! 

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