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New book-The Emotion Driven Life

I recently released my latest book The Emotion Driven Life. It was written as an effort to help people overcome the emotions that can disrupt our lives. Whether you realize it or not, every person is driven by something.

What drives your life? Is it money? Power? Popularity? Ambition? Validation? Acceptance? Pastor Rick Warren’s bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life, encouraged millions of readers to live their lives with God’s purpose in mind. It is a book that focused on how our Creator designed us to live our lives.

However, as a pastor for over thirty years I’ve discovered that most people miss the point. I believe that most people are letting the “Emotion Driven Life” guide them. I’ve discovered that emotions like lust, bitterness, anger, guilt, and fear direct a lot of our choices. This is not God’s will for us.

I’ve been thrilled at the responses we’re receiving in the first week of this books release. Here’s what some of them are saying…

A teenager wrote, “For over a year now I’ve been carrying around a lot of hatred towards a person who seriously wronged and hurt me. I just finished your book a few minutes ago and all I can say is, wow! I have asked for forgiveness and already feel 1,000 pounds lighter!”

Another person said, “ I could NOT put it down. I will be re reading and using it as a reference. I could relate to every word and page.”

My friends and I just completed the book The Emotion Driven Life. After reading it we all agree, we began the best discussion we’ve ever had. Each of us identified various chapters on an emotion like anger, bitterness, jealousy or guilt that we struggled with. The freedom we left with has been truly life-changing. Thanks for creating a simple, easy to read, yet applicable book with REAL life changing truth!

The longer I live the more convinced I am that because we’re emotional beings, we often let our emotions rule us instead of vice-versa. Life is too short to live that way and when you think about it, life is also going to be too long if you do. What would you do if fear or guilt didn’t hinder you? How would your relationships be if jealousy or anger didn’t creep in? How far could you go in life if bitterness or rejection was not a factor from your past? What would the emotion of real love in you bring to your life if you could live empowered by it?

The only way to know is to explore and experience firsthand the answers to those and other questions. I hope you will.


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