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Barry the Bartender

One of my friends is Barry. Big guy, big smile and remembers everything..names, faces, events, stories, he has instant and amazing recall. We’ve been friends a few years now. He’s also a bartender by occupation. Neither of us go to the others work places, he says he works weekends too. But that hasn’t hindered the relationship. When I want honest feedback, he gives it and he receives it just as well. We joke about both being in the “people business” and the things we’ve learned about people, their secrets, their habits, hang-ups and such. The good about my friend is that he is highly educated (2 Masters), savvy, quick witted, a well traveled guy, good natured & enjoys everything about his life. The concern I have is the spiritual life he’s missed. He doesn’t use the things he’s faced as an excuse, but I sense they do have a negative impact. He told me one evening that a well meaning Christian preached to him that he was destroying lives. A few months later that same “witness” was fired from his work for loading porn on his computer. Barry wonders how Christians could view porn. I notice Barry is also more forgiving of others than most would be of him. He always asked good questions. He told me once of telling a customer that he too had felt blessed by God recently and the customer replied, God couldn’t bless Barry because of his job. Soon afterward, he had to cut the customer off, just so he could manage to drive home. Barry let’s a lot of stuff weaker people couldn’t handle roll off. I’ve shared the Gospel with him many times when he brings it up or conversation goes that way. He doesn’t argue or push back, he just doesn’t jump up and yell “hallelujah”. If he did I’d burst out laughing. Someone asked me recently if I had to put the names of 10 people down to call if I needed help, who would they be? He’d make the list. So here’s my take-away. Sometimes in life, you are going to have a good connection with people from a totally different place in life. Let it happen if it doesn’t cause you to lose your values and you can benefit from it. Let it happen if you believe they can benefit from it too.


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    September 24, 2011


    julie colando said:

    hi PASTOR BILL we meant at SOUTH BISCAYNE CHURCH your friend CROSS’S PLACE . well you are like myself , it looks like whenever i leave the walls of my STEP FATHERS HOME here in NORTH PORT i am always throwing out the SEEDS . at restaurants , store ,. like SEPT 24TH was one of those days , now i am praying those people will come to WORSHIP at SOUTH BISCAYNE CHURCH . keep that in your prayers as well GOD BLESS hope to see at my church SOON…..

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    September 28, 2011


    Libby said:

    I once had a “Barry” in my life. Once you meet a “Barry” you never forget. They r individuals that understand people and their needs. Though my “Barry” had given his life to Christ at a young age, he didn’t always walk it out as Christians would perceive yet he filled my life to overflowing. In some areas he made Christians look like “Ned and the first Reader”. He was the one that put me on the path to find Christ, taught me common sense, and unconditional love. He’s the one that many turn to for advice and help. Also, “Barry’s r turned off by church folk because there is a great disconnect. Churches could benefit a great deal from Barry’s if we wouldn’t turn them off and run them off.

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    November 4, 2012


    John Benson said:

    Great testimony. It will be guys like Barry who when converted or operating on God’s roster who will stand firm with unwavering faith. Guy’s like Barry are needed in the world just as badly as they are needed in the church. May the Lord draw Barry closer to him and bless him for his character dedication and integrity in his flesh life transforming his soul and spirit into a greater existance in Jesus name, AMEN. It is well.

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