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Fathers Day

Several years ago I spoke on the subject, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Perfect Dad” for Fathers Day. I’ve never had such a response to any message before, ever. Over 500 e-mails flooded my box in the week following. In the message I mentioned that not everyone knew had the joy of great memories with a father and how to overcome and rise to a great life in spite of this. Each e-mail I received told both a personal story, the scars or memories, and the way they coped with it. Some were doing very well, some were still limping. A few of those responses told of healthy, growing relationships they enjoyed with a father and how blessed they felt when they observed other homes around them. It occurred to me afterwards of how people deal with pain. Most girls talk about it, most boys bury it. The danger in suppressing it doesn’t make it disappear, it usually surfaces in other ways. One man, ironically was a psychologist and he confessed that the relationship he never had with his father, surfaced in the breaking of two of his marriages. Several said the dysfunctional home they grew up in made them devote their life to being a great parent themselves. I remember once a friend of mine, very intelligent, balanced home, a college president, Ph.D, with 5 incredible, successful children introducing me to his brother. His brother was messed up. Extremely negative, critical, couldn’t keep a job, couldn’t keep a home, had bad credit and blamed the world for everything. I’d never seen such polar opposite brothers. My friend said, “He’s just like my father was. Same attitude, same spirit. I chose to be the total opposite”. Obviously it worked. What I took away from that was that my attitude, my responses, my direction in life is a choice. Our sons were small then, but I decided that being a father could be the most rewarding experience of my life and it has. To you Fathers who are making a positive difference in your childrens lives, I commend you. The pay off of that investment will be the most satisfying of all. Having a good father in the home is like having Michael Jordan on your basketball team, the chances of winning are greatly increased. Happy Fathers Day!


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