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842 Pastors Prayer Partners

This past weekend at Cascade Hills Church we signed on 842 people to the Pastor’s Prayer Partner ministry. What a blessing! I am humbled by the tremendous response of our people. 842 Pastor’s Prayer Partners devoted themselves to praying for me and my family daily. They will then gather in teams to pray each week prior to our 3 weekend services in private rooms on campus. Their teams will also join me publicly on the platform to kneel and pray for me and the church in every service this year. My prayer partners also provide  my wife and I a list of their prayer requests and we personally pray for each one of them throughout the year. We take that very serious. Every year our Pastor’s Prayer Partners see the favor of God in their lives. This year, with the increased number of Pastor’s Prayer Partners it should be our greatest advance into the areas of our lives where God can do His best work. I love my prayer partners. We meet quarterly for breakfast or lunch to fellowship to discuss our needs and progress. I attest that my life has been an answer to prayer, our ministry is upheld by prayer, & the highest priority of our marriage has been to seek God through prayer. When I became a new Christian at the age of 18, I read that if I’d enter my prayer closet and pray that my Heavenly Father would meet me there. I began that process back then. When God sent Debbie as my life partner, I discovered her to be more devoted to prayer than I was. Our 3 sons, now grown and married, say the greatest comfort they had growing up was knowing that not one time in their entire life did they ever wake up and not find their mother in her study or the living room praying. Not once! In over 30 years of marriage, I can say the same. Never have I seen her go a morning without serious praying. I have been challenged by the pace she set in prayer more than anything else. We’ve recently assisted 3 other churches in the past 8 weeks to start a Pastor’s Prayer Partner Ministry. We will lead 2 more churches this month to do this. In one church they’d baptized only one person the year prior. After they began a Pastor’s Prayer Partner ministry, they baptized 20 people 2 weeks later. The disciples were taught to pray. Jesus modeled prayer, He said His Fathers house is to be a house of prayer. Ministries built on past traditions or new trends, though opposite in methods and worship, still end up empty in real life transformation. Prayer provides God’s power. Prayer unites the people, prayer opens the heavens with conviction upon the lost and strength for the Christian. Last weekend I met a new convert after our services who had never been in a church in his life. His friends were crying and shocked that he was converted. His words to me were, “I was drawn here, I feel like I’ve been blind all of my life, I’m clean now and at peace with God”. That’s what happens where people pray. I am often asked, if I could start my ministry all over again, what would I do differently? My first response is that I would have begun a Pastor’s Prayer Partner ministry from day one. I’m personally tired of seeing churches up for sale, fighting, splitting, or “new church plants” with gimmicks to attract the already “churched” and “vision” that never builds a holy life or Godly church. There is no substitute for prayer. God can do in 5 seconds what we couldn’t pull off in 50 years. My hope and passion is to kindle a fire in a life that finds the fellowship of God in prayer as rewarding as I have discovered. Pursue Him. He is and can provide all you need.


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  1. Rick Cagle said:

    Hey Bill, you are the best! Love you and pray for you continually. God Bless!

  2. onuorah ndubuisi said:

    i lives in nigeria and your televission programs have actually build my christian faith thanks

  3. John Barnes said:

    Thank you for sharing this tremendous testimony about the power of prayer in your church. I, too, have a hunger for a prayer ministry in the small church where I am pastor, but I\’m not sure how to go about it. Do you have a book or a printout to give directions? No doubt, many churches would benefit from specific help. Thanks for your help. God is GOOD!!

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