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Seeing Jesus

I heard recently of a little boy whose father didn’t go to church but he sent his son each week. He’d put a quarter in the boys hand and say, “When you get to church, give this to Jesus”. This went on for weeks when one day the father was in the boys room and noticed a handful of quarters on the dresser. “Did you give those quarters to Jesus like I told you” he asked his son. The boy quickly defended himself saying, “I tried to Daddy, but I never saw Jesus at Church” There’s a measure of truth in many ways in that. When people look at our lives or attend church they are looking to see Christlikeness. It’s found in our attitude and the way we live. A Christian is one in whom Christ is in. They’re not looking for perfection, no one but Christ was perfect, but they are looking for authenticity. I just had a conversation with a friend who doesn’t attend any church. For years we’ve been connected. He told me of an encounter he had with a “church planter” trying to make a hard sell for him to come to his church. He sized him up quickly. “All he wants is my money and financial support” he said. Fortunately, my friend wasn’t turned completely off to Christ. And then he opened the door wide. “Bill” he said, “you’re my friend. If you asked me for any amount I could afford, I’d gladly give it, but not this huckster, yet you’ve never asked me for a cent”. “You’re right” I said, “we are friends and I never will”. He smiled and said, “I think I’ll come to your church on Easter”. Knowing him as I do, this was big! Let me urge you to remember, to do what you do for the right reasons and with the right motives and when people come to church, they’ll gladly give their quarters, their attendance, their skills to help the mission…They just need to see Jesus.


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